Industry 4.0 ready paperless factory & digital supplychain solutions

Smart manufacturing, powered by: Data Science, AI, Industrial IoT & cross entity API integrations

Integrates with All Global PLC Brands

Zometric is the preferred solution for Online SPC in Industry 4.0. It's time to move beyond the limitations of yesterday's technology and embrace the future with Zometric's real-time, Industry 4.0-ready Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Seamless Integration of Leading PLC Brands Forget proprietary software silos and compatibility issues. Zometric seamlessly integrates with all major PLC brands.


Connect with Confidence

Zometric seamlessly connects with a wide range of PLC brands, from industry giants like Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Automation, and Siemens to niche leaders like Beckhoff and Cognex, allowing you to leverage existing infrastructure while unlocking a world of advanced SPC possibilities.

Industry 4.0 Ready Real-time, online SPC

Zometric brings SPC data to life with real-time monitoring and online access. Track essential quality measures, visualize trends, and detect abnormalities promptly with a simple, web-based interface.

Zometric is designed to be future-ready, not only for the present. With its cutting-edge architecture and superior capabilities, it is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 principles.

Advanced Online SPC Features

Zometric's SPC Features:
• Secure Cloud Storage: Ensures data protection by keeping it accessible from anywhere.
• Automated Email Alerts: Provides real-time notifications for out-of-control processes.
• Unlimited User Access: Empowers teams with limitless access, encouraging data-driven decision-making.
• AI-Powered Insights: Analyzes data, detects patterns, and anticipates potential problems for proactive quality management.

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