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Features of Zometric SPC Software

Control Charts
Variable Control Charts: X-bar-R/S, I-MR
Attribute Control Charts: P, U, C
Variable subgroup sizes
Configurable statistical rules
Flexible chart formatting options


Process Capability
Potential Capability: Cp, Cpl, Cpu, Cpk
Process Performance: Pp, Ppl, Ppu, Ppk
PPM levels: Expected & Observed
Configurable statistical rules
Histogram and distribution




Flexible reports
Fetch for any date range
Filter on Part, Machines, Parameters
Customisable fields: Company name, etc
Configurable report templates
Multiple formats - excel, pdf, html.


Intuitive Configurations
Multiple Part x Machine x Parameters
Configure variable SPC schemes
Configure attribute SPC schemes
Configure specifications
Multiple SPC rule-templates
Flexible data capture
Manual data entry
Import from csv / excel files
Semi-automatic data entry
Automated imports
Industry 4.0 / API integration
Granular Controls
Role based access controls
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
Targeted email alerts
De/activate users
Audit logs


Industry Applications of Statistical Process Control software

Online SPC is used by a wide variety of manufacturers to reduce scrap, improve quality, maintain traceability or to resolve quality issues faster. Ultimately, it leads to increased profits.

Packaged Foods Manufacturing
Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing
Medical devices Manufacturing
Apparel manufacturing
Other Manufacturing

Use cases of SPC Software

Online SPC is an indispensable tool for better quality & cost.

Improve Product Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Quality is no more just "within specification". With global competition intensifying, the way to stay ahead is to target consistency, and minimising even the possibility of defects.

  • Monitor in-process quality
  • Monitor supplier quality
  • Continuously improve product quality
  • Ensure consistency
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Zometric SPC Software is one of the most affordable, high quality online / real-time SPC software. Easy to start, and easier to scale.


*Local taxes extra, if applicable.

Implementation & Customization Services

When you subscribe to Zometric products, you get affordable services directly from us. You don't have to deal with 3rd party implementation service provider. We ourselves go the extra mile to ensure your implementation succeeds!

  • Up to 2 man-day efforts for import of past data is included with a new subscription.
  • One time implementation/past data import at affordable per man-day pricing.
  • *Customization services are charged at affordable per man-day pricing.
  • ** For on-premise deployment, dedicated Linux server, with remote access to be arranged by client.

Product description

Zometric SPC Software


Zometric SPC is a user friendly Statistical Process Control software with online / realtime control charts, process capability, summary reports, and more. It is API integrable with PLC / SCADA systems.  Designed and developed by veterans in the manufacturing industry, with decades of practical experience in implementing SPC across multiple industry sectors. It was recognised as THE most intuitive & flexible online statistical process control software during an independent benchmark study by our customers.

Key highlights:

  • Manage unlimited combinations of product, processes and parameters/features.
  • Securely access from anywhere, anytime and any device. No software to install - its browser based!
  • Deploy flexibly - cloud hosted SaaS (preferred) or on-premise solution.
  • Import your historical data. We offer end-to-end low-cost, high value implementation services.
  • Configure the statistical rules the way you want.
  • Specify who gets rule violation alerts for which combination of Product X Process X Parameter / feature.
  • Single data entry, or bulk data import.
  • Possible to integrate with your PLC / SCADA / DB systems, its Industry 4.0 ready.
  • Even compliance requirements of regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and medical devices, eg  21 CFR part 11, are taken care of.

System requirements

  • No client-pc setup / installation is required.
  • A modern web browser like Google Chrome and an internet connection.
  • For on-premise deployment, server specification is prescribed based on number of users.

Licensing Options

Zometric SPC is available as a base + addon-user licensing model:

  • The base pack includes up-to 3 user subscriptions.
  • Additional users can be added as annual or pro-rated annual subscriptions

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