About us

We build technology for a highly connected Manufacturing supply chain

At Zometric, we develops technology and solution for a digitally connected, futurestic, AI powered, efficient manufacturing supply-chain. While there are many ERPs and software solutions for the manufacturing sector, we differentiate by not just building technology to ease operations and decision making "within" an entity, but also enabling connections "between" multiple entities in the manufacturing supply-chain.

Our differentiators:

  • Inhouse team of developers building products(not outsourced), helps us shorten feedback-improvement cycles.
  • Implementation support directly from the same company that licenses the product
  • Deep expertise in manufacturing sector
  • Flexible enough to customize our solutions if required.

We prepare you for today, and for tomorrow. 

We build applications, keeping in mind the fact that Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 is not a one-project journey. Enabling API integration and connections between multiple machines, factories and even entities across the manufacturing value chain is a key design principle.

Manufacturing processes are varied and can be simple to pretty complex.  Zometric is run by experts in the manufacturing sector, who have solved real challenges for manufacturing sector and understand the nuances and complexity typical of manufacturing sector.

We truly leverages the power of digital technologies, data science and AI to helps manufacturers digitalize their operations, easily analyze their data and the take point-in-time decisions. No matter whatever a manufacturer's goal is - whether it is to drive cost reduction, improve quality & customer satisfaction, become leaner, responsive and agile, we are here to help.

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